#SaveTheCrew: A Message From Our Ownership

CEFC supports the #SaveTheCrew movement

A message about #SaveTheCrew, from Eagles owner and director of coaching Mark Wise:

I was there when MLS announced the contest to determine which cities would get a franchise. I bought tickets to help bring the team here. I was here when they announced the name…the Columbus Crew. I attended the first game. I watched them build the first soccer specific stadium in the country in Columbus, Ohio. I watched the team grow and evolve and become one with the community around it.

The presence of the Columbus Crew certainly influenced our idea to found the Eagles and to bring women’s soccer to Columbus. We’ve played our most marquee games in the Crew’s stadium for the past two years, becoming the first WPSL team ever to play in a current MLS stadium. The thought that the Crew would someday not be part of the fabric of our city is incomprehensible. 

Now is the time for innovative thinking, and the good thing is Columbus has some of the brightest minds in the world. We need to come together as a community to solve this. Can we design and build a unique, downtown, soccer-specific stadium that is economically feasible, if that’s what it will take? Can we design a structure that is sustainable and innovative? Can we again be first in the United States to do so? Can we look at this as an opportunity to strengthen the soccer community in Columbus?

If anyone can do this, the people of Columbus can.

Columbus Eagles FC supports the Crew and the effort to #SaveTheCrew.

Let’s get to work!

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