Memberships - 2024

Family MembershIP $150

Embrace a year filled with soccer, spirit, and the excitement of game days, both at the iconic Historic Crew Stadium and during our thrilling indoor season at the Resolute Athletic Center. 

Here’s what’s in store for you and your squad (up to 5 family members):

  • • Unlimited access to all home games, both indoor and HCS
    • Complimentary access to Eagle TV
    • 10% off at Pinnacle Dental
    • 10% discount on all Eagles Merch, + free shipping

Get ready, Columbus! Let’s make memories, cheer loud, and support ‘Our City’s Women’s Soccer Team’ through every goal, save, and victory in 2024.


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FRIENDS MembershIP $100

Friends: Join the Eagles excitement with a Friends Membership!

Perfect for you and a buddy – a year of soccer action at Historic Crew Stadium and our Resolute for our indoor season. This isn’t just any season pass; it’s your gateway to being at the heart of Columbus’s women’s soccer.

For you and your friend, the perks include:

• Unlimited access to all home games
• Complimentary Eagle TV access for every match, live and on-demand
• An exclusive 10% off at Pinnacle Dental and on all Eagles Merch, plus free shipping from our online store

Gear up for a year of unforgettable moments and passionate support for ‘Our City’s Women’s Soccer Team.’


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Support “Our City’s Women’s Soccer Team” for their 2024 campaign.

Every HOME summer game is included!

(Games are played at Historic Crew Stadium AND Resolute Athletic Center)

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COMMUNITY MembershIP $50

Your $50 community membership enables the Eagles to provide opportunities for under-priviledged/under-served persons to attend our matches.  This is a donation to the COLUMBUS EAGLES FC FOUNDATION whose purpose is to help support the growth of women’s soccer for ALL FEMALE ATHLETES.

Pending 503/c approval