Get ready for match day!


Until the Columbus Eagle’s season opener against Corktown Women’s Football Club

Know Before You Go

Parking Lot Opens ($10 fee charged by Stadium)

Tailgating can start!

Stadium entry begins

Introductions begin

Autograph Alley by the Eagles Merchandise Kiosk

Eagles Supporters' Group

Welcome to The Eagles Nest, the heartbeat of our stands and a community of passionate Eagles supporters.

Be part of the energy that propels our Eagles to soar higher, game after game. Together, we’re more than fans; we’re the architects of a legacy, and we’re the loud, proud heart of Columbus soccer.

The Eagles Supporters Section typically sits in Section 139/140.

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Check the A-Z Guide for flag guidelines on the Historic Crew Stadium website.

Lonely Fate

*to the tune of hotel california*

You’ll lose to the Columbus Eagles
Such a lonely fate
A win’ll have to wait
Crying it up as you lose it to the Eagles
Such a lonely fate
A win’ll have to wait

When You Fly

*to the tune of When the Saints Go Marching In*

Oh when you fly
We’ll fly with you
Come on eagles we love you
As we cheer for Columbus
Come on Eagles we love you

Can’t Stop The Feeling!

I got this feeling, inside my bones, Columbus eagles gonna run and score a goal. All through our city, all through our home. We’re flying up, no ceiling, when we in the zone.

Can’t stop the feeling!

We Love You Eagles
‘To the tune of We Love You Conrad’

We love you Eagles
Oh Yes We Do
We don’t love anyone as much as you
When you’re not near us
We’re blue
Oh Eagles We Love You

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Stadium Entry & Concessions

Seating at HCS is General Admission and on the Stadium’s East Side only.

Stadium Entry is at Gate 2.

Tickets can be purchased at the Gate or ahead of time on our site. All tickets are $10.

Tailgating can start!

Concession Stands will be open to sell food and both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Eagles Gear will be available for purchase at the stadium or via our online EAGLESTORE.

Eagles Nest Supporters Group is in the NorthEast Corner of the Field.

Matchday Youth Opportunities

We invite local youth teams to join the excitement of walking out with our players before the game. Lead the charge from the tunnel to the pitch, standing side by side with our starting 11 during the team introductions. It’s more than a walk; it’s a step into the legacy of Columbus Women’s soccer.

This unique experience comes at no cost to participate. However, to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the full match day experience, players will need to purchase tickets to attend the game.

Please fill out the following interest sheet to be contacted with more information.

Calling all young soccer enthusiasts! Join us on the sidelines, and keep the game flowing by ensuring balls are swiftly returned to play. This unique, on-field experience is offered at no cost, allowing our youngest fans to be an integral part of the game-day excitement. While ball kids enjoy their moment in the spotlight for free, we ask that a supervising adult be present, which requires the purchase of a ticket. It’s more than just retrieving balls; it’s about being up close with your soccer heroes and being a vital part of our team’s success.

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