EagleTV Drew Big Crowds in 2017

The numbers are in and scream the obvious: The first year of Columbus Eagles FC’s video streaming endeavor, EagleTV, was a success.

EagleTV, which live-streamed six home matches to Facebook, YouTube, and the club’s website, brought more than 20,000 video views to the club’s YouTube page and social media platforms.

“The live broadcasts helped us immensely in 2017,” Eagles media director and broadcaster Grant Burkhardt said. “We were able to use the match videos to send highlights to our social media channels after the matches ended. We’ve seen a huge boost in engagement across all our platforms. It really has been great for us.”

The most-viewed video of the season was goalkeeper Shauni Kerkhoff’s penalty save in our first friendly against Ambassadors Cleveland, which kept the score level in a game that finished 1-1:

The club used its expanded video presence to bring in nearly 1,000,000 impressions across all platforms. The videos helped the Eagles create a YouTube page and expand their Instagram reach, among other perks.

CEFC aims to expand EagleTV in 2018. The club is looking for broadcast sponsors to help grow our video presence into our fifth season.

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